Education Job Fairs: What to Bring and How to Present It?

Instead of sending out resumes and waiting for an interview invitation, this year you should try something different. Visit a local teacher’s job fair where you can meet the representatives of school districts in the same place. The purpose of education job fairs is obvious – it allows personal meeting with educational decision makers. As such, the chances of finding employment in education are high as never before.

In view of the fact that you will be keenly observed by prospective employers and other qualified candidates, it is recommended to maintain a serious touch in preparation for teacher’s fair. Since many employees are going to vie for educator’s position, your main job is making a lasting impression and standing out from the crowd. This is rather difficult to accomplish since the fair will be teeming with qualified teaching candidates. Here are some steps recommended for the preparation:

  1. Put a positive spin. It is important to learn potential job opportunities at your locality rather than worrying about interviews. So, focus on the primary benefit of a job fair. Determine what you want to get from a potential employment spot. Keep the tabs of participants and do an online investigation prior going to the fair.
  2. Adjust your resume. Create a professional and up-to-date resume with all your contact details. Print out at least 15 copies to hand to the education representatives.
  3. Dress up professionally. It is even more important than having an impeccable resume, making a positive presentation of yourself. So dress neatly and take care of a proper hair style. Your career is at stake, thus, you need to look professionally and conservative. Besides, keep your handbag well-organized.
  4. Come up with a set of questions to ask. While talking to a potential employer, study out the information on school district and available career opportunities. Create a questionnaire and scour it before the event. The set of questions should be aimed at finding out the terms of employment, the type of experience they are searching for, possibilities of career development. In addition, ask for a piece of advice as to how to get involved.
  5. Take notes. While the representatives of schools answer your questions, make sure to take coherent notes. Include their names and contact details. If possible, ask for business cards.
  6. Be prepared to show your best features. Keep up with an energetic spirit and speak with each representative in an individual way. Be ready to talk about your educational background, teaching experience and extra skills, as well as about interests and hobbies.

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