State University of Milan

State University of Milan (Università degli Studi di Milano) is the largest state university in Milan and the only Italian university belonging to the League of European Research Universities (LERU, League of European Research Universities) along with Oxford, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Freiburg universities. There are more than 60,000 students.

It was founded in 1923 through the merger of the Institute of Clinical improvement, and artistic and philosophical faculty of the Milan Academy. The main building of the University of Milan is a prominent representative of the Baroque style. University logo consists of two elements: the inscription « Universit degli Studi di Milano » and the image of Minerva.

Departments of the university:
1. Faculty of Science and Technology (Scienze e tecnologie);
2. Faculty of Sports (Scienze Motorie);
3. Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (Scienze agrarie e alimentari);
4. Faculty of Law (Giurisprudenza);
5. Faculty of Humanities (Studi Umanistici);
6. Faculty of Pharmacology (Scienze farmacologiche);
7. Faculty of Political, Economic and Social Sciences (Scienze politiche, economiche e sociali);
8. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Medicina veterinaria);
9. School of Sciences study of the relationship of language and culture (Scienze della mediazione linguistica e culturale);
10. School of Medicine and Surgery (Medicina e chirurgia).

Tuition fee at the university depends on the economic status of the student. It’s determined individually in the amount of at least 690 euros and up to a maximum of 3 900 euros.
Milan State University prepares bachelors, masters and graduate students and use the services on request “write my essay for me“. School of Medicine is considered the strongest among others. According to the QS World University Rankings, University occupies the 86th place among the world’s best universities providing educational services in medicine.

Faculties of State University of Milan are located in an important historical building in the center of Milan and in the new premises in the area of the city called “City of Science” (Città Studi).
University Libraries can boast of one of the largest collections of books in the region and the university archive stores rare and valuable books. Electronic library has more than 10,000 scientific journals, 1000 books and 175 databases.

Milan State University has its own choir and orchestra. The latter play an important role in the organization of the cultural life of the city, and regularly win prizes in international competitions.
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