What Job Can You Get with an Education Degree?

In seems that pursuing your Bachelor’s degree in Education will leave you with the only option of becoming a school teacher. However, the options are many and so beyond what seems to be obvious. The consequential question is whether or not you want to teach children. Luckily, being trained as a secondary school teacher, you can pursue other career options.

Librarian. Technically, working as a librarian requires having Master’s degree in Library Science, however the benchmark for applying for MLS program, you need to have a Bachelor’s in any field of Education. Library worker assists  people with their choice of printed and online media sources.  Besides, the large scope of their job entails picking out materials for schools and education centers, as well as public and business libraries. Here is where your teacher’s training comes in hand because, as a teacher, you specialize in school media.

Writer, Copywriter or Editor. Being an expert in education sciences, you are acutely aware of the importance of the verbal expressing and being creative. In general, writers and copywriters produce texts for printed and media sources. Editors need to possess the skills for guiding others in their work, just like trained teachers do. In addition to editing, you can write on the topics you specialize in, like Literature or Biology.

Text Book Sales Representative. This kind of job requires being a pro in educational materials. However, your interpersonal skills are what matters for the most part. In addition to that, educators need to summon all their knowledge of the subject and be prepared for further learning as you will be working for a publishing house or book wholesaler.

Career Counselor or Mentor. Generally speaking, counselor’s main job is giving advice on career-related issues. Another type of counselor is guidance counselor, a person who provides assistance on various kinds of issues students may encounter. In this case, it makes sense to obtain a working knowledge of psychology. So if you took classes of psychology at college, you are apt for resolving students’ social issues and ultimately helping them to deal with their academic life.

Adult Teacher. You may have wind up with the thought that you don’t want to teach kids, however, this doesn’t stand in your way of becoming a successful educator. In fact, adult learning industry is in dire need of qualified teachers. A great opportunity is also teaching English as a second language either locally or overseas.

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