There is a whole world of opportunities for graduates in teaching. Especially for those with a degree in science who are in a great demand today. In fact, investment in career in education is considered to be profitable due to the current deficiency of qualified educators.

You can work as a professor. You can work as a high school teacher. But there are lots of other areas you can get involved in with your degree in education. Our experts are ready to take care of your education career needs.

What career options are available for you?

The majority of employees are local education authorities who carry the responsibility for schools districts. Some of the degreed educational graduates may find employment in private colleges or schools being hired directly by institution. In addition, you can be employed by universities or governmental departments for doing research work. Other than being employed by an educational institution, you can get hired by libraries, voluntary organization and many other services that are involved in training and education. As a matter of fact, education degree may be a lead to a career in such sectors as business and market research, psychology, speech pathology, career consultancy and mentoring of all kinds.

How can we help you?

Our company offers practical advice in finding your own education career path. Owing to professionalism of our career guides, thousands of graduates have successfully reached their ultimate goal of being involved in education sector. Our articles contain pieces of advice on various education-related issues, as well as help future teachers to develop a coherent set of goals,  find prospective employers in their locality and team up with career memberships.

What are my chances after graduation?

The options of each education graduate are many. The recent statistical research conducted by UK education specialists speaks for itself: the glowing prospects lie ahead of almost 80% of education graduates who find full-time employment within 6 months after graduation. The rest 20% are involved in further study programs or combine study with part-time work. The percentage of successfully employed in elementary and pre-school sectors is less than a half (43%).

As you can see, education degree is something you can thrive with. In case you have mixed feelings after education whether because you failed to find employment or you are wringed out doubting about the right choice, our career advisors will be glad to work until the positive result is achieved.